Night Safaris

The Night safari is a great experience as most of the Khao Sok’s wildlife come out to hunt at night with the cooler weather.
Thailand is very close to the equator, so complete darkness is already at 7 pm! Everything around is plunged into darkness, millions of stars scatter across the sky and incredible sounds are heard from all sides! Frogs, birds, grasshoppers, cicadas play their evening concert by notes! Bats fly over and over almost every now and then. The night life of the jungle begins its active phase! It is very hot in the jungle during the day, so as soon as the sun hides beyond the horizon, everything seems to come to life! And of course this is the best time for the evening, although it is customary to call it a night safari!

Together with the guide, leave for 2 hours in the rainforest to get a chance to see the inhabitants of the jungle. Of course, you need to understand that the jungle is not a zoo, and no one gives you a guarantee that you will see unique animals, such as the slow lory or the world's smallest deer, leopard cat or even a wild elephant! But, there is always a chance! What our guests usually see during the Night Safari is a lot of amazing insects, reptiles, plants! Do not forget your flashlight and camera, comfortable shoes! It is important to remain silent and listen carefully to the guide! The Night Safari is really a surreal night of fun and a great experience.

DURATION: 3 hour

WHAT TO BRING: sturdy shoes, special clothing, flashlight, insect repellent, camera

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